Lillan Pons

Nouez moi design since 1990, a Linen's collection that combine the charm of old houses and the modernity.

Nouez moi, it's the alliance of elaborate embroidery , luxurious natural materials , large palette of colors and finishes that create a " tailor-made " atmospherefor your bed linen, bath or table.

Nouez moi offers a wide range of themes : Classic, timeless, sea, hunting, mountain ... or just the sweetness of solid colour for a sleek trend.

Nouez moi, it is also the hand embroidery that uses women to unique know-how, ensuring you a quality work.

In the industrialized world , it is a pleasure to offer you a personalized service. Listening to you , our team realizes your projects and suggest ideas. "

Lillan Pons-Seguin

Nouez moi, the art of elegant linen.